I Think We Can Man-age

| Working | September 21, 2012

(I’m a woman working with two of my male coworkers. Note that all the female employees have or are studying towards a university degree.)

Male Coworker: “It’s so annoying that [boss] is coming in today to cash up. Why can’t one of us just do it?”

Me: “Well, has he taught you how to do it?”

Male Coworker: “Well, no, but how hard can it be?” [Female Coworker #1] and [Female Coworker #2] can both do it.”

Me: “Well, yeah, it makes sense that he teaches them to do it since they work full-time. One of them is almost always here if [boss] isn’t working.”

Male Coworker: “Fine, but I’m smarter than them! He should teach me to do it!”

Me: “What makes you think you’re smarter than them?”

Male Coworker: “They’re women! Of course you wouldn’t understand.”

Me: *sarcastically* “We also got into university and actually do our jobs well, so I guess there’s that.”

Male Coworker: “Like I said, you wouldn’t understand!”

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