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I Think Sending Blood Via Mail Is Illegal

, , , | Working | January 27, 2022

I donate blood regularly, so when I move to a very rural town I double-check the donation site to start booking locally. Sadly, even with the parameters at fifty miles away, no locations are nearby. I call my old donation center to let them know and to cancel future appointments. I still receive automated calls from them to remind me. Annoyed, I finally get ahold of a person.

Me: “Hi. I would like to cancel future donations, please. I’ve moved.”

Representative: “Are you sure? We can book you through your postcode online!”

Me: “You’re more than welcome to look. It’s [postcode].”

There’s a long pause.

Representative: “Okay, well, I’ll take you off our list. That’s new!”

I try to donate when the buses stop by, despite my location.

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