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I Smell Time Warp Trouble

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(In the summer, our major theme park chain has employee movie nights after the park closes. The person in charge of the event posts a list of what we can and cannot do while watching the movies, the most prominent being: “No talking, acting up, or trashing the theater.”

All employees look at the list of movies showing for the summer to plan on what we want to see. When we see “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” a third of the way down the list, a coworker and I go to the person in charge of the event.)

Coworker: “[Supervisor], we want to inform you that there is a movie scheduled on [date] that will violate most if not every rule of the code of conduct list for the movies.”

Supervisor: *looking at the list* “Oh, that movie! It’s a cute musical. It is harmless.”

Me: “[Supervisor], this movie is a cult classic; we guarantee you that people are going to get on stage and act along with the movie, sing along, throw food, etc. You don’t want to be showing this movie.”

Supervisor: “You are lying. No one will do that during the movie, and you are all adults, not children. I have watched this at home many times and have not seen that happen during the movie.”

Coworker: “Have you been to any theater that shows this?”

Supervisor: “No, I don’t go to theaters to watch movies. I wait for them to get released and then watch them at home, as theaters get too noisy to enjoy the movie.”

Me: “Precisely! Things are going to get rowdy during the Rocky Horror Show!”

Supervisor: “No, it won’t. I will not hear any more about this. You are all adults and know how to sit quietly and watch the movie.”

Me & Coworker: “It’s your funeral.”

(The day after the movie, notices are posted all over the backstage areas of the park.)

Notice: “Due to employees getting rowdy last night and trashing the theater during the Rocky Horror Show, we are permanently cancelling the employee movie nights because people can’t behave like adults, and act like children, instead.”

Coworker:  *looks at me* “Called it!”

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