I Sleep Really Well Earning The Minimum Wage Of A Teenager

, , , | Right | August 28, 2019

(I am a sixteen-year-old girl working the till at a small-town pet store. A lot of our food is natural and of high quality, so naturally, the price is quite high. This happens one afternoon when a man comes to buy our second-highest quality food, totaling almost $90 for a 13.5-kg bag.)

Me: “Your total is [total].”

(He gets his card out and completes the transaction.)

Customer: “Does your conscience let you sleep at night?”

Me: *confused* “Yeah?”

(I understand what he is getting at a moment later.)

Customer: *makes a comment about the price*

Me: *shrugs shoulders* “I don’t set the prices; I just work here.”

Customer: “But you’re an accomplice, like the driver in a bank robbery.” *glares at me*

(I kind of laughed it off and finished the transaction before telling him to have a good day. It is still one of the weirdest comments I’ve gotten!)

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