I Sensor That This Will Not End Well

, , , | Right | August 24, 2019

(I work in an auto shop. I take a call early in the day about a “Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor,” which I’m already wary about. That part is not as simple as many believe because the sensor has to be taught to communicate with the car it’s being installed in. You need to know how to do it. Electronic parts like sensors are also not returnable once installed. During the call, I mention that a tool is needed to program it, and I tell them our policy and all relevant information. When the customer comes in to actually buy the part…)

Me: “All right, let me go grab that from the back for you. I’ll be right back.”

(I leave the counter and when I’m coming back out I hear my boss talking to the customer.)

Boss: “When she comes back, she can get that for you.” *sees me* “Your customer wants a price on a quart of 10w30.”

Me: “All right. A quart would be [price].”

Customer: “This doesn’t say anything about lawnmowers…”

Me: *this is the first I’ve heard about lawnmowers from this customer* “Well, it’s engine oil. If your lawnmower takes 10.30, this is what you need.”

Customer: “It doesn’t say anything about lawnmowers…”

Me: “Well, there really isn’t a specific ‘lawnmower oil.’ It has an engine. It uses engine oil.”

Customer: *still doesn’t look fully convinced but nods* “All right… I just don’t want it to blow up.”

Me: “It won’t blow up. Your total is [price].”

Customer: *looking at the sensor now* “What’s this part?”

Me: *that bad feeling returns with a vengeance* “That’s the actual sensor part that is in the tire that the stem connects to.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.”

(The customer hands me his card and I run it. As his hands are full and the receipts are printed a few steps away from the counter, I put his card down on the counter in front of him to get his receipt.)

Customer: “Well, that’s rude.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Putting my card on the table like that when I handed it to you…”

(He seems like he wants me to say something or try and explain myself so he can argue over what I say, but I’ve been in retail long enough to know to be careful with my response.)

Me: *hands him his receipt* “Sorry about that. Do you need a bag for your items?”

(The customer looks annoyed that I barely responded to his complaint about his card but takes the offered bag. As I’m putting his items in the bag, he snatches it from me.)

Customer: “I got it, before you drop it on the floor.”

(I don’t rise to the bait and he grumbles as he leaves.)

Me: *to my boss beside me* “How much do you want to bet he screws up that sensor and tries to return it… despite it not being returnable once installed?”

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