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I Say Tomato, You Say Opinions

, , , | Right | September 26, 2020

I am ringing up a guest’s food purchases, and I scan her coupons from her phone app. She is intending to use one for $1 off any vegetable.

Guest: “Why isn’t it taking off the vegetable coupon?”

Me: “It doesn’t appear that you purchased any vegetables today. I’m sorry about that; would you like me to hold your items while you get one?”

Guest: “I did buy a vegetable! That tomato!”

Me: *Laughing* “Oh, I see. Tomatoes are actually fruits, though! That’s why it isn’t counting.”

Guest: “What? Tomatoes are vegetables; you’re trying to scam me!”

Me: “No, technically, they are fruits.”

Guest: “That is a matter of opinion!”

Me: “Not really.”

She went over to my manager, who manually took off the coupon for her, apologizing for the fact that tomatoes are, indeed, fruits.

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