I Say Potato, You Say Anything Else

| Romantic | August 11, 2014

(My boyfriend and I are cuddling after a long and tiring day at work.)

Boyfriend: “You know, you’re really good at ruining romantic moments.”

Me: “Hey! Why would you say that?”

Boyfriend: “Because when we were kissing earlier you started trying to eat my nose. If the person you’re with is afraid that they’re going to be eaten, you’re doing something wrong.”

Me: “It’s not like I was actually trying to eat it…”

Boyfriend: “Hmmm, see, I’m not so sure about that.”

Me: “But you love me!”

Boyfriend: “…yeah.”

Me: “You’re my little moose potato!”

Boyfriend: “Moose potato? Did you just grab two random words out of the air and put them together?”

Me: “Yup!”

Boyfriend: “I like it.”

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