I Nude That Was Going To Happen

| Learning | December 13, 2015

(Due to too many snow days, our spring break is shortened considerably. I’m in my APGAP/Honors Economics class on what was supposed to be the first day of spring break.)

Student #1: “Senior Skip Day tomorrow, guys!”

Student #2: “More like Senior Skip Week.”

Teacher: “You guys have to show up for school. We have to get through this last economics unit before we review for the Government and Politics exam.”

Student #3: “Instead of Senior Skip Day, why don’t we have Senior STRIP Day?”

(Cue laughter on my class’s part, and a look of horror from our teacher.)

Teacher: “What? No. Don’t do that. How about everyone keeps their clothes on.”

Student #1: “We’re giving you an ultimatum. Either we have Senior Skip Week, or we take our clothes off.”

Teacher: “So. See you next week. It’ll be a little quiet around here, but I’ll get some stuff done…”

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