I Mustache You To Keep Quiet

| Virginia, USA | Working | January 14, 2013

(I’m on break at a large retail store. Since I’m trained on the photo equipment, I’m helping a coworker sort pictures into envelopes. While we’re talking, a young couple walks up.)

Man: “Hi, we’re searching for this certain DVD.”

Coworker: “Well, this is Photo. You need to go to the electronics desk and ask for [coworker].”

Man: “What does he look like?”

(It should be noted that our coworker is a short, balding man with a giant blonde mustache and a beer belly that defies gravity, who constantly wears suspenders and small, round glasses. He reminds a lot of people of Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters.)

Coworker: “He’s short, with a mustache and suspenders—”

Me: “Look for the Walrus.”

(After a second of silence, I realize what I’ve said and look up, blushing.)

Me: “Oh wait! Don’t tell him I said that!”

(The customers got a good laugh out of it, and promised not to tell, while my coworker ribbed me about it every time he passed by Photo and I was there!)

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