I Marvel At Your Chauvinism

| Friendly | September 22, 2014

(I am a 17-year-old girl, and have been a huge comic fan since I was about 12. A friend and I decide to see ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ together in full cosplay just for the h*** of it, but he bails at the last minute. I’m dressed as Black Widow, and as I’m standing in line for popcorn a guy wearing an Iron Man t-shirt approaches me.)

Guy: “Hey, where’s your boyfriend?”

Me: “Uh… what? I don’t have a boyfriend. Actually—”

Guy: “Lol, then who paid you to dress up like that?”

(Yes, he actually said ‘lol’ out loud.)

Me: “Nobody paid me. Natasha’s my favorite Marvel character, so I thought it’d be fun to cosplay her.”

Guy: “Yeah, right. I bet you only watch the movies because of all the hot guys.”

(By now, it’s my turn at the counter. As I’m trying to order, the guy keeps pestering me.)

Guy: “You fake geek girls are so f****** pathetic. You just want the D. Hey! Hey, b****, are you listening?”

(The (female) cashier looks at me, then at the guy, and sees what’s going on.)

Cashier: *to me* “Hey! Nice cosplay! What’s that from, the civil war ‘verse?”

Me: “Yeah! Good spotting!”

Cashier: “Here’s your popcorn, Miss Romanov. Enjoy the movie.”

(Later, after the movie, I saw the guy leave the theatre as soon as the credits started rolling, when every fan knows that Marvel movies always put extra scenes at the end of the closing credits. Who’s the fake geek now?)

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