I Love You Tso Much

| Romantic | February 3, 2016

(I had gone to lunch with some friends one day before class. I was talking with one of those friends after class.)

Friend: “So what did you think of the Chinese place we went to for lunch?”

Me: “It was all right. I like [Other Chinese Restaurant] better, though.”

Friend: “That’s just because we went there so often in high school.”

Me: “Well, yes, but it’s not just that. Their sweet and sour chicken is better. Their General Tso chicken was better.”

Friend: “Okay, that’s not fair! You were thinking about the other restaurant while you were eating there! You were cheating on the restaurant!”

Me: “Cheating on the restaurant? When was I in a relationship with the restaurant?”

Friend: “Don’t deny it! You saw the way that waiter looked at you! He knew!”

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