I Love You To Pieces

| Louisiana, USA | Romantic | May 20, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are in my room, watching TV.)

Boyfriend: *gets up & moves toward the fridge* “I want something to drink.”

Me: *engrossed in TV show* “There’s bottled water, and stuff.”

Boyfriend: “Whose Reese’s are these?”

Me: *still not looking away* “Mine. Have a couple if you want.”

Boyfriend: “Thanks.” *rejoins me on the bed*

(A few minutes later I decide I want a Reese’s cup so I go to the fridge.)

Me: *rummaging in the fridge* “Babe, what did you do with my Reese’s?”

Boyfriend: “What Reese’s?”

Me: “That pack of individual Reese’s. I told you that you could have a couple but I don’t see the rest of them.”

Boyfriend: “I ate ’em.”

Me: *wide-eyed, turning to stare at him* “ALL TEN OF THEM?!”

(At this point I see that the foot of the bed is littered with empty Reese’s packs and he’s putting the last one into his mouth. He has a closed mouth smirk as he chews the last Reese’s.)

Me: “You’re lucky I love you, or it would be on like Donkey Kong.”

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