I Love The S*** Out Of You

| Romantic | May 8, 2017

(Since I can think back, I’ve been struggling with anxiety issues and inferiority complexes. My last boyfriend did his best to make it worse by bashing my confidence and generally insulting me about it. I’m currently in a new relationship and also in therapy for a year now and start to get better. Naturally, I told my new boyfriend about my issues but am still worried to show all of my craziness. By the time of this story, we’ve been dating for three months.)

Me: *in the midst of an anxiety attack but trying to keep myself calm*

Boyfriend: “You okay, babe?”

Me: *starting to cry* “No.”

Boyfriend: “This is your anxiety thing, right? Come here, just cuddle and tell me what’s going on. Take your time; it’s all well.”

Me: *calming down and being generally in awe about him not picking on me* “Well, think about it like this. There are all the things that I don’t like about myself and sometimes, those thoughts kick out all the good ones. Then my head seems to scream to me that I’m worth nothing and can’t do anything right. Thanks to therapy I can stop it by now or at least not let it get too big, but sometimes I just feel like a piece of s***.”

Boyfriend: “Hmm… Then let me be your piece of s***, and you’re my piece of s***. Then we’re the s***s together.”

Me: *happy beaming and hugging*

(Yep, found a good man out there.)

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