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I Like Coffee, I Like Tea

, , , | Right | October 11, 2018

(I’m the only one watching the coffee bar until the people actual scheduled to do it show up. I guess this could be split up into two stories, but they did only occur within ten minutes of each other. It’s a slow night, and [Customer #1] is the first customer I’ve seen at the coffee bar all evening.)

Customer #1: “May I get a green tea and a mint tea, please?”

Me: “You want two teas? What size?”

Customer #1: “I only want one cup. Two bags. What’s your smallest cup? ”

Me: *repeating the order because I’ve never had someone ask for two different teas like this* “So one 16 oz tea with an extra tea bag?”

Customer #1: “Yes.” *hands me her card*

Me: “Campus Meal Plan? ”

Customer #1: “Yeah, but why am I being charged extra?”

Me: “An extra tea bag is fifty cents. With the meal plan discount, your entire order is only 82 cents.”

Customer #1: “But all the other times they just ask me if I want a second bag.”

Me: “Then they need to start charging you for an extra tea bag. They’re not free.”

Customer #1: *rolls eyes* “Fine.”

(I run her card, and [Customer #1] takes her tea and leaves. Not five minutes later, my second customer shows up.)

Me: “What can I get for you? ”

Customer #2: “May I get an iced mocha? Go easy on the ice, please.”

(I run her card, and start making her drink. I fill the cup with about half the ice normally use for iced drinks.)

Me: *showing [Customer #2] the amount of ice in the cup* “You wanted light on the ice? Is this okay?:

Customer #2: “How light can you make it?”

Me: “You want less, then?”

Customer #2: “Put in as little ice as you can. No ice would be best.”

Me: “The espresso is brewed hot. If I don’t put any ice in it, it’s just going to be a hot cafe mocha, and not a cold drink”

Customer #2: “Yeah, actually could you make me a hot mocha instead? ”

(She seemed happy when I gave her the hot mocha.)

Question of the Week

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