I Just Bought One, And This Is Crazy, But I Want Another, Order Maybe?

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(I am working at the cash register. An older lady comes up to make a purchase. She’s mad about everything. She’s mad that one of my supervisors tried to help her choose the fastest check lane and mad that I have to look one of her items up because it won’t scan, and when we finish the transaction, she’s mad that I can’t hold onto her paid merchandise while she goes to the bathroom. I am sorting items to be put back on the sales floor when she returns to my register.)

Customer: *pounding on my countertop* “Hey. Hey! Over here! Sheesh! This mattress pad I bought. I need two of them.”

Me: *dropping my task and smiling at her* “Okay, I can see if we can have another one brought up for you.”

Customer: “No, you only had one back there. I need two. I need you to order them so I can buy one tomorrow.”

(I call my supervisor over so we can radio the back room and see if there are any hiding in there. The lady is right; she really had gotten the last one in the store. Worse, it turns out we aren’t expecting any in shipment within the next week.)

Supervisor: “We can order one for you online and have it shipped to the store so you can pick it up in a couple of days. You’d pay for it now and all you have to do is pick it up when we email you.”

Customer: *snapped* “No, that won’t work. I’ll just go somewhere else. I don’t want one ordered. I need to have it in hand to know what I’m getting.”

Supervisor: “It will be the exact same as the one you just bought. We’ll just order one special for you.”

Customer: *yelling* “I don’t want you to order me one! I want you to order them in for the store so I can come tomorrow and pick it off the shelf and buy it! Forget it!”

Me: *calling as she storms out* “Have a nice day!”

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