I Judge Your Bad Parenting

| Baton Rouge, LA USA | Friendly | September 23, 2014

(I am shopping for groceries one afternoon. I am 26 but look about 16, as I have always looked very young for my age. I am eight months pregnant with my first child. I am married but, due to swelling from pregnancy, I can’t wear my wedding ring, so I look 16, unwed, and pregnant. You can imagine. I am browsing the aisles when I overhear a mother tell her young daughter as they’re passing me.)

Mother: *points to me* “That right there is why you keep your legs closed.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Mother: “I was just telling my daughter she shouldn’t mess with boys because she will end up just like you. I mean, what kind of life can you provide for that baby? Are you still in school or did you drop out? Do you know the father?”

Me: “I will have you know that I am 26 years old, have graduated college, been married to the father of this baby for five years, and have a nice job at an accounting firm. My husband and I also planned to have this baby!”

Mother: “Well… *scoffs* “…you just look so young!”

Me: “Maybe you should teach your daughter to not be so judgmental of others and worry about your own parenting a little more!”

(I started wearing my wedding ring on a chain around my neck after that!)

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