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I Hope Those Shoes Are Comfy, ‘Cause We’re Going On A Guilt Trip

, , | Right | CREDIT: hecatearrowkey11 | June 8, 2022

On my first day working, ever, I worked in the women’s shoe department of one of the largest companies in the country. We have devices that scan shoe sizes, and if we have the shoe size, we go to the stockroom and get it out. My first day was really busy. It was a Saturday and the second-largest sale after Black Friday.

In our store, customers have to wait in line to get their shoes scanned. When a customer gets their shoe scanned by a worker, they don’t need to go back in line again. Since it was my first day, I was told not to help more than two customers at a time.

There was a lady that came up to me and asked me to get her shoe scanned.

Me: “You’ll need to get in the line for someone to scan your shoe.”

As soon as I left her, another lady that I had been helping already wanted another shoe scanned. I scanned it, and the lady that I told to get in line got in between us.

Customer: “Why would you can her shoe but not mine? Whatever, I guess it doesn’t matter. I guess I don’t matter and I’m not important enough.”

Me: “I’m sorry, it’s my first day working here.”

And I explained the situation. I ended up having to give her the shoe she wanted.

When I got her the shoe, she apologized for being rude to me. Granted, she apologized, but people need to stop taking things so personally.

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