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I Heard That Place Is Full Of Crap

, , , , , | Right | September 4, 2018

(I am waiting to make vacation arrangements. The customer in front of me is being helped.)

Customer: “I’d like to take a vacation on [dates].”

Agent: “Certainly, sir! Where would you like to go on your vacation?”

Customer: “I’m going to Man-ass.”

Agent: “Where?”

Customer: “MAN-ASS!”

Agent: “I don’t know of any city by that name, sir.”

Customer: “I went there last year! Man-ass! It’s down in Bolivia!”

Agent: “Did you mean Manaus, Brazil?”

(She tilts her computer screen so he can see.)

Customer: “Yes! Man-ass! Can you get me there?”

Agent: “Certainly, sir.” *she types a few things into her computer, then prints a sheet of paper* “One trip to Manaus on [dates]; the price is [price].”

(The man cheerfully pays. As he leaves, he pumps his fist in the air.)

Customer: “Yes! I’m going to have a great time in Man-ass!”

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