I Have The Devil’s Own(er) Job

, | Working | April 18, 2013

(I’m take a call from a customer who is unhappy with his order.)

Customer: “…thank you so much for correcting this. Oh, while I have you on the phone, I just want to tell you about one more thing. The person who took my order was extremely rude to me. Just obnoxious, and unwilling to listen to me. He was awful!”

Me: “I am so sorry to hear that! If I could just look up the name of the order taker…”

(I look it up. Of course, it’s the owner.)

Me: “Oh… I’ll be sure to relay that back to the manager.”

Customer: “You know, I’ve dealt with your manager before and he just isn’t very forgiving at all. Could you tell the owner about that?”

Me: “Um… I’m sorry to say this, sir, but it was actually the owner who took your order.”

Customer: “Well, my condolences!”

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