I Have A Couple Of Adjectives I Could Call You Right Now

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(I play football in high school. One Friday, due to an away game, I have to miss my English class for the day. My teacher hands me a worksheet with the assignment she gave in class. The work sheet says to pick a “word” that begins with the first letter of our last name — F in my case — and write a paper about how that word defines part of our lives. Given my age and location, football is a very large part of my life — takes a lot of my time and has taught me a lot of lessons — so I write my paper on that word. On Monday we are to present our papers, what word we chose and why.)

Me: “…and that’s why I chose the word I did.”

Teacher: “Well, [My Name], that was a well-written piece, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to take off half of the credit since you didn’t follow directions.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Teacher: “The assignment said to select an adjective, and ‘football’ is not an adjective.”

Me: “But the sheet you gave me just said, ‘word,’ not, ‘adjective.'”

Teacher: “Raise your hand if you understood the assignment as I gave it.”

(The rest of the class who were in class on Friday raise their hand in agreement.)

Teacher: “It seems everyone else was able to understand the assignment just fine. Perhaps you’ve taken too many blows to the head playing that game.”

(I ended up getting the fifty, despite my complaints to both her and the principal.)

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