I Hate It When I Miss Kilometer-Wide Spaceships, Too

| Right | October 20, 2009

Customer: “Excuse me, I was just wondering…I see some signs out there on the front door that say ‘Theaters For Humans Only.’ Can you tell me what those are?”

Me: “Oh, those are some promotional signs for an upcoming movie, District 9. They’re designed to look like real warning signs as part of a viral marketing campaign.”

Customer: “Oh, cool! So what’s the movie going to be about?

(I explain the overall plot to the customer. Halfway through, her boyfriend returns from the restroom and listens quietly while I finish explaining.)

Me: “…so the aliens land in South Africa, and they end up becoming like refugees.”

Customer’s boyfriend: *completely serious* “Wait, hang on a second…so are the aliens real?!”

Me: “Oh, no. It’s the plot to this movie called District 9.”

Customer’s boyfriend: “Oh, good! I thought there’d been some news report and I’d missed it or something. Wouldn’t want to feel silly!”

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