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I Guess It Really Is About Who You Know

, , , | Legal | November 11, 2021

Years ago, I worked at a gas station that was often frequented by police officers, to the extent that they pretty much knew me and had a positive opinion of me. One day, I was riding as a passenger in my dad’s pickup while Dad drove, and he got pulled over.

Officer: “License and registration, please.”

Dad: “Here you go.”

He handed them over.

Me: “Hi!”

Officer: “Oh, hi!”

He handed the paperwork back to Dad.

Officer: “You’re free to go.”

And he walked away back toward his cruiser.

Dad: “Wait!”

The officer returned.

Dad: “What was I pulled over for?”

Officer: “Oh, your license plate light is out. Be sure to get that fixed.”

We were left dumbfounded at the encounter.

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