I Got 1080p(roblems)

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I recently was able to run a cable line into my living room where my main TV is. I already have a cable box but it is hooked up to an older CRT TV — one that was built in the 90s. I pull the cable box to test out the cable line, it works, and I’m able to get HD working on it. I put the cable box back on the CRT TV and order another cable box.

I get the cable box to discover it doesn’t have my HD Channels. I can get HD on it but only CSPAN.

I call up the cable company to explain the issue.

Rep: “I’m sorry, sir, but they sent you the wrong box. You can go to one of our centers to switch the box or you can mail back the other one, but we will need you to include the plug, cable box, remote, and HDMI cord.”

Me: “It didn’t come with an HDMI cord. I asked one not be sent to me as I have extra ones and it would cost me extra money.”

Rep: “Sir, we need you to send the HDMI cord back as it comes with it.”

This goes on for about a minute before she notices in my file that I declined an HDMI cable.

Rep: “Okay, so, for a small fee we can get the box switched.”

Me: “No, I shouldn’t be paying anything to get this fixed. I shouldn’t be charged a fee for a screw up you did.”

Rep: “I’m sorry that we did this, but we require a fee for us to switch out the old box or you won’t get your HD signals.”

Me: “You know, forget it. I’ll hook up the box to my CRT TV that doesn’t have HD.”

Rep: “Again, I’m sorry, but without the box switch, you won’t be able to enjoy your HD channels.”

I’m thinking she doesn’t know what CRT means, so I change my wording.

Me: “I’m going to hook up the box you gave me to my older TV that doesn’t produce HD so I won’t need to change the box.”

Rep: “Sir, unless you change the box, you can’t get HD. I can do it right now for a small fee.”

This goes on for another minute. This time she never catches on.

Me: “Forget it. Just let me end this call.”

I went over and switched the boxes. It was easier than dealing with them on the phone again.

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