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I Find Your Lack Of Professional Attire… Disturbing

| Working | July 26, 2017

(My two immediate managers (one male and one female) call me into the office to “talk” to me about something.)

Me: “So, what did I do this time?”

Female: “Why do you assume you are in trouble [My Name]?”

Me: “Whenever I get called into this office by you, it’s something wrong I did. So, what happened now?”

Male: “Well, [My Name], we received a few complaints about your attire.”

(I am wearing a classic Star Wars tee, black with the original Return of the Jedi poster design on it.)

Me: “It’s Star Wars; the patients love it and it makes them smile. What’s wrong with that?”

Female: “Well, some employees have complained that it offends them.”

(I couldn’t help but stare at her.)

Me:Star Wars is offensive? Okay then, I won’t wear this shirt anymore.”

(They let me leave the office. The next day I showed up with my Star Wars Clone Troopers Scrub top, and walked by both managers who didn’t say a word. The following week I wore the same shirt again and was told nothing… Hypocritical much?)

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