I Dub-Yew An Idiot

, , , , | Working | January 6, 2021

As support desk staff, we often receive calls from employees requesting to reset their passwords to access the company claims system.

Employee: “Can you reset my password, please? My ID is [ID].”

Me: “All right, I’ve just reset your password to Bw*[numbers]. Capital B for ‘boy,’ small letter W.”

I say, “Double-U,” which most people say.

Employee: “Okay!”

Seconds later:

Employee: “It doesn’t work!”

Me: “Could you read out the password you put in?”

Employee: “I put in Buu*[numbers], but it doesn’t work?”

Me: “The password doesn’t have a U in it; the second character is W for ‘Washington.’”

Employee: “Oh, W?”

She says it like, “dubdiew.”

Employee: “Why didn’t you say that earlier?!”

This call kind of broke my brain for a bit. That was the first time in two years that anyone had difficulty comprehending me saying, “W,” on the phone.

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