I Don’t Work Here: Toilet Paper Edition

, , , , | Right | April 7, 2021

This happens when everyone is going nuts for toilet paper. Everywhere in the mall is sold out. I work at a pet store where our vests are black with our logo on the front. I go into the dollar store to grab some items for the store. A lady grabs my arm.

Me: “Excuse me! Please let me go!”

Customer: “I need to find the toilet paper!”

Me: “I don’t work here.”

Customer: “Yes, you do. You’re wearing the uniform.”

I’m clearly not. The uniform here is a green apron or vest. I’m clearly wearing a black vest — nothing similar at all.

Me: “This is my uniform for [Pet Store]. See?”

I show her the logo.

Customer: “No, I need help! You’re going to help me!”

She still has a hold of my arm and is trying to pull me with her.

Me: “Let me go or I will call security!”

Her grip gets stronger. The customer sees another employee that actually works there.

Customer: “This worker won’t help me!”

Employee: “That’s because she doesn’t work here. You okay, [My Name]? Do you need me to call a security guard?”

The lady’s grip loosens, and I get out.

Me: “I’m good.”

I turn to the lady.

Me: “Touch me again and I will break your arm.”

Customer: *To the employee* “You’re just going to let her say that to me? I want her fired!”

Employee: “Nope. I like her too much. Now get out of the store. You’re harassing my customers.”

Customer: “But…”

Employee: “Out.”

She finally left and I joked around with the employee and got my supplies. The customer later came into my pet store. She saw me and instantly turned around and left.

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