I Don’t Work Here Is Tired Of This Nonsense

, , , | Right | October 21, 2018

(I work at a restaurant and I’ve just gotten done with an 11-to-close shift. It should be noted that, with a shift like this, my filter tends to disappear due to stress and fatigue, especially with no customers around. After finishing the shift, I head to do some shopping at a retail store that is open until midnight. My restaurant’s uniform is a black shirt with the company’s logo, a black pair of slacks, and black slip-resistant shoes. The store’s uniform is basically blue shirts or vests with the company’s logo in the back and the store name tags. A man approaches me with his girlfriend while I am shopping.)

Customer: “Excuse me, do you know where I can find Peter Pan?”

(It should be noted, we are in the family movie section, where I would wager Peter Pan is.)

Customer’s Girlfriend: “Dude, he works at [Restaurant), not [store]. Leave him alone!”

Customer: “Let him speak. He probably has something to say about this.”

(He turns to me expectantly.)

Me: *chuckling lightly* “I just love how all of us food service and retail workers are supposed to know everything about every store ever.”

(The customer begins to blush and avert my gaze, but I’m not done.)

Me: “And I am off the clock, so I am at complete liberty to say that.”

(The customer blushes further, then turns and leaves with his girlfriend. As they are leaving, I hear this:)

Customer’s Girlfriend: “You’re an idiot.”

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