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I Don’t Work Here, Does Not Work Here, Part 43

, , , , , | Right | July 4, 2022

It is the day before the Fourth of July holiday. I am at a cell phone company trying to switch my carrier. They are super busy, and sadly, I am going to be one of “those customers.” Not in a bad way… but one where I know they are going to have to call customer service, wait on hold, etc. Luckily, the staff understands the situation and are AWESOME!

The rep has to wait on hold and decides to move on to help another customer, as they are so busy. I am sitting at a booth waiting for the service to complete my transaction. The staff wears black shirts and khakis. I am wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt from a baseball team.

As I am waiting, I am playing on my phone, checking websites and whatnot. That is when I hear a rather loud cough. I look up to see a couple standing at the booth.

Me: “Oh. I am so sorry. I don’t work here. I am actually being helped, but the employee had to run to the back. I am sure someone will be right with you.”

Woman: “Oh… so, you don’t work here?”

Me: “No. Sorry. I apologise.”

Man: “Well, today is your lucky day, and we are putting you to work!”

They begin to laugh, and I laugh, as well. They suddenly stop and the man looks at me, dead serious.

Man: “I don’t think you understand. I wasn’t joking. You will help us… entitled little s***s like you don’t get to sit around and not work… Not on my watch! You obviously need the work.”

I start looking around to see if any staff member is available. Of course, they aren’t; they are helping other people and apparently missed this guy’s attitude. I look back at the couple.

Me: “Listen… I am going to say this once. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I don’t work here. If you took off your sunglasses and actually looked, you would see that I am not even wearing the company uniform, not even close. Secondly, there is a queue, and you stormed past three people waiting before you. There is a line… Get in it.”

The couple looked shocked but got in line.

They did complain about me, but even the staff told them I don’t work here, which made the woman go into some form of screeching rage and made me chuckle.

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