I Don’t Work Here Does Not Work Here, Part 3

| Florida, USA | Right | September 9, 2012

(I used to work at this drugstore store before I left to have my child; note that the bathrooms have a lock on them to avoid theft. This take place almost two years after I’ve gone. I’ve stopped in to have lunch with a former coworker, and have my daughter in a stroller when a customer walks up to me.)

Customer: “You! I need to be let into the bathroom.”

Me: *confused* “Okay…”

Customer: “Well, aren’t you going to let me in?!”

Me: “I don’t work here.”

Customer: “Don’t lie to me. I’ve seen you here before!”

Me: “Well, I used to work here, but that was almost two years ago.”

Customer: “So, are you going to let me in?”

Me: “I can’t. I don’t know the code.”

Customer: “But you work here!”

Me: “Sir, no I don’t. I haven’t worked here in almost two years. They change the codes every six months.”

Customer: “You’re just being lazy and don’t want to work!”

Me: “Why would I be at work with my kid?”

Customer: “Don’t play games with me. Just open the d*** door!”

(At this point, an assistant manager who I know walks over.)

Assistant Manager: “Is there a problem?”

Customer: “Yes! This lazy b**** won’t do her d*** job and open the bathroom up!”

Assistant Manager: “She doesn’t work here, and you need to watch how you speak to people.”

Customer: “F*** you!”

Assistant Manager: “Now I have to ask you to leave.”

Customer: “YOU CAN’T KICK ME OUT!”

Assistant Manager: “Yeah, I can. The bathroom is for paying customers only.”

Customer: “Then I’ll buy something!”

Assistant Manager: “That ship has sailed. I suggest you go next door to the fast food restaurant.”

Customer: “I’LL SUE YOU!”

Me: “For what exactly? Badgering another customer because you have some delusion that we are keeping the bathroom all to ourselves?”

Customer:“You can’t talk to me like that! I DEMAND she be fired!”

Assistant Manager: “You want me to fire someone who doesn’t work here?”

Customer: “WHY WON’T ANY OF YOU DO YOUR JOBS?!” *runs out of the store, screaming about the bathroom*

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I Don’t Work Here Does Not Work Here

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  • Popetoper

    Some people are such speshul sneauxflakes that they demand that the world revolve around them then bitch and complain when it doesn’t.

  • Kathy Plester

    I had this happen but not as mean – customer recognised me because I worked in a certain supermarket for years while I was in college but then I left to go worj full time elsewhere. She ran up to me while I was pushing a trolley and starting asking me if I would go look in the back, then saw I was in normal clothes and said:

    “Oh sorry, is it your day off?”

    And I said “Actually I haven’t worked here for a year now.”

    The woman turned bright red and apologised but I called an ex colleague over to help her and told her not to worry about it. She was nice about it and even asked how I was and where I was working now. Such a nice lady. Unlike the self entitled bitch in this story.

  • Luke Green

    “Sir, no I don’t. I haven’t worked here in almost two years. They change the codes every six months.”

    This. Should have been the warning sign for the customer. How can you go past this and still think you’re in the right?