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I Don’t Work Here… But Maybe…

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Daydreamer0181 | September 21, 2021

A long time ago, I used to work in an educational toy store in my local mall. After it closed down, I had to find new places to shop for the kids in my life.

I had gotten a nephew of mine started on a scale wood “Thomas The Train” toy line. Someone I knew told me a bookstore chain had started carrying the line, so I decided to swing by to see what new pieces had come out for the holidays.

I started looking and overheard two women talking about whether they should get their kids started because both kids loved “Thomas The Train”. Before I could stop myself, I introduced myself, and when I mentioned the store I had worked at, they both lit up, suddenly remembering that they had seen me there.

They started asking questions and I gave them advice. About the time they were done, more people started asking me questions. Before I knew it, I had been standing in about the same spot for more than an hour just selling the heck out of these trains.

When the crowd finally dispersed, I made sure I had the two pieces I wanted and started to head to the register, only to find the department manager, and the store manager standing there, along with the girl actually working the kids’ section, staring at me.

Realizing the spectacle I had unintentionally created, I walked over expecting to apologize, only to have the store manager start talking before me.

Store Manager: “Do you realize how much of that stuff you sold?”

Me: “So, that guy did buy the [train set]?”

This was their biggest set at the time and it cost $500.

Store Manager: “Actually, yes, he did, but I’m talking about more than that. You have sold more Thomas The Train items than we have ever sold.”

Me: “Well, you haven’t carried the line that long. Once your people learn more about it, I’m sure you’ll have better numbers.”

Store Manager: “Do you want a job as assistant manager in this department?”

Department Manager: “More than half those people thought you already worked here. They wanted you to get a raise.”

Employee: “I don’t understand how you knew all that. I could barely follow half of it.”

Me: “Thanks! How much would it pay?”

I turned down the job because it was offering less money than my job at the time. I ended up being given the employee discount on the two pieces I wanted as a thank-you. For about two years, every time I went into that store, I would see one of the managers from that day and they would ask me if I needed any more train items.

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