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I Don’t Work Here, But I’ll Try My Best

, , , | Right | March 12, 2021

I am shopping in a discount department store when there’s a big commotion in one of the aisles. There’s shouting and some crashing sounds, and I see an employee on the floor. I try to stay out of it as a crowd of customers forms gawking. All the employees rush over to the aisle to control whatever situation has sprung up. I have no medical or security training of any kind, so I would be of no use to anyone.

The department phone rings as I am walking by. Knowing no one will be able to answer it, I pick it up and attempt to be helpful.

Me: “Sporting goods, this is [My Name].”

Caller: “Hi, I was just wondering if you guys sell any ski masks.”

Me: “You mean like a balaclava, the full face hat with the holes?”

Caller: “Yeah, that’s the thing.”

It just so happens that these are visible on the shelf from where I’m standing.

Me: “Yes, of course. We have a few different sizes and colours here.”

Caller: “Perfect, I’ll come by now to pick some out.” *Hangs up*

Not sure if it was wise to take a call when I had no idea what I’m doing. But I knew that no employee would be available for a bit, and I just wanted to help them out during a clearly crazy moment.

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