I Don’t Think You Are An A**hole; I Know You Are

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(I work at the express lane at my store, which means customers can buy groceries online and then pick them up at the store. It’s a couple days before Thanksgiving, so we have a lot of orders. I’m in the middle of picking an order and looking for a product when a man stands in front of me. Thinking that he’s looking for something behind me, I step to the side, and so does he. I try again, and he steps with me.)

Customer: “I want to talk to you.”

Me: “Okay.”

Customer: “Where are canned sweet potatoes?”

Me: “I think on aisle one.”

Customer: “I don’t want you to think; I want you to know.”

Me: “Customer service would know better than I do.”

(We look, and no one is behind the desk at the moment, but I know if he goes over, someone will help him right away.)

Customer: “No one is there right now.”

(He doesn’t leave and keeps standing in my way. I sigh and pull out the radio that all express lane workers and managers carry.)

Me: *on radio* “Where are canned sweet potatoes?”

(No response.)

Me: “Um… they’re not getting back to me. Again, customer service would know better than I do, but I think they’re on aisle one.”

Customer: “I know you’re trying to just pawn me off to someone else. I’m not moving until I get an answer.”

Me: *on radio* “Where are canned sweet potatoes?”

Manager: *on radio* “Aisle one.”

Me: *on radio* “Thank you.” *to customer* “Okay, they’re telling me aisle one.”

(The man looked skeptical as he walked back over to aisle one. I had to rush to finish my order on time.)

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