I Don’t Mean To Be Homophobic, Or Racist, Or Bigoted, But…

| Working | May 9, 2014

(My mom is a veterinarian in a privately owned practice. She often comes home with stories about her boss and his wife, the practice’s manager. Today, she is listening to the manager talk about her daughter’s family.)

Manager: “[Grandson] has taken to playing with his sisters’ dolls. My daughter thinks it’s fine, but her husband doesn’t like it.” *in a conspiratorial whisper* “His sister was a lesbian, you see, and he’s afraid his boy will turn out like that!”

Mom: “You… do know it doesn’t work that way, right?”

Manager: “Oh, yes, of course, but he just doesn’t want his son playing with those dolls…”

(The conversation moves on to the family’s recent move.)

Manager: “One of the reasons they moved is because of the school district. In the last one, they were the minority! It was all blacks and Hispanics. Their new school district is much better. There aren’t any blacks there!

(My mom’s face freezes in shock.)

Manager: Oh, they aren’t discriminatory or anything!

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