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I Don’t Get Paid Extra To Babysit Customers

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: pfghost | November 25, 2021

This happened a few years ago when I was a babysitter. I was working at a grocery chain and going to school. In the little free time I had, I slept at a friend’s house to be there with her three kids while she went to work. The kids were old enough to take care of themselves but not old enough to know what to do in an emergency.

One day after work, I went over as my friend was leaving, and there was no food.

Friend: “I don’t get paid until tomorrow. They can have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner.”

When we checked, there was only enough peanut butter for one sandwich. No biggie; there was another grocery store right down the street, so I could buy them something cheap for dinner. I drove all three kids to the grocery store and we started picking out dinner.

Here is where I kind of understand the confusion. Yes, I worked for the grocery chain, and I was in uniform, but I worked at a different store, and I was wearing a jacket so you could not see my uniform, and I was pushing a cart with three kids around me. You could clearly see that I was shopping.

I guess the top of my shirt poked out and this lady could see my uniform, because she came over and asked where something was.

Me: “It’s in the aisle with the condiments.”

The stores are laid out similarly.

Customer: “I checked there and didn’t see it.”

Me: “They might be out, then. I saw a worker at the end of the aisle behind us; you could ask him.”

Customer: “I asked you and you need to check.”

Me: “I don’t work at this location. I’m watching the kids here.”

Customer: “It’s so irresponsible of you to have kids at your age! And you brought them to work with you?!”

I was so tired that we just walked away. The kids were staying close because they were pretty freaked out by the woman. I told them to not say anything and keep walking. The lady followed us for a bit, ranting, until she found another poor soul.

I was at the checkout when the lady came over with a manager.

Manager: “Why wouldn’t you help this woman?”

Me: “I work at [Location], and obviously, I’m here just to get dinner for the kids.”

He sighed — he was obviously tired, too — and then walked away with the woman. The lady glared at me but followed the manager.

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