I Do Work Here, Does Not Work Here

, , , , | Right | July 25, 2018

(I am fourteen years old, working at a hardware store. Our uniform is a black t-shirt with the name of the store on front. An older lady and her husband are inspecting a large solar rooster — it lights up when it gets dark. The couple are arguing about whether not it lights up.)

Me: “Miss, that rooster does light up.”

(The lady turns around, looks me up and down, and proclaims:)

Lady: “You don’t work here! You wouldn’t know!”

Me: “Yes, I do, and that rooster does indeed light up.”


Me: “Yes, I do, ma’am. See.” *pointing to the logo on my shirt*

Lady: *stares at the logo, then gasps, looking shocked* “You stole that! You can’t work here. You can’t work here. You are too young to work at a place like this. Twelve-year-olds work at lemonade stands! Why are you being idiotic?”

Me: “I don’t know, ma’am.”

(I hurried away, wondering why someone would pretend to work here.)

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