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I Do, Actually

| Romantic | January 2, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are watching my favourite movie, ‘Love, Actually’. When it gets up to my favourite part, he stands up in front of the TV.)

Me: “Hey! Down in front. You know I love this part.”

(He pulls out a sign like the one the actor on screen has, except it says Kitty Cat, his nickname for me. He looks into my eyes, and moves on to the next card.)

Card #1: “Kitty Cat,”
Card #2: “I will love you until the end of time,”
Card #3: “I am in pain whenever you’re gone,”
Card #4: “Will you do me the greatest honour and be my wife?”
Card #5: “I know we talked about how I never wanted to get married,”
Card #6: “But for you I would make the greatest leap,”
Card #7: “I love you.”

(I am speechless, and just throw myself at him.)

Him: *chuckling and hugging me* “Is that a yes, or a no?”

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