I Could Prank You In Your Sleep

| VT, USA|USA | Learning | July 15, 2015

(These events take place at my high school when the older brother of a friend of mine is attending, and is not especially unusual for that math teacher. As the teacher is lecturing, he notices one of the students has fallen asleep.)

Teacher: *stage whisper to the class* “Everyone, come out into the hallway. And shhh!”

(The teacher walks to the door and ushers the students outside, then turns off all the lights in the classroom and shuts the door.)

Teacher: *to janitor cleaning nearby* “Hey, one of my students fell asleep. Do you think you could go in wake him up for me?”

Janitor: “Sure.” *goes inside the classroom* “Hey, kid, it’s time to wake up.”

Sleeping Student: “Mhuh?”

Janitor: “It’s time to go.”

Sleeping Student: “Wha?” *opens his eyes, sees the janitor and empty desks* “Wha!?”

(He bolts outside and the class and teacher finally burst out laughing. After that, the lesson continued as normal, but that student was extra careful not to fall asleep again.)

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