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I Can’t Be Lazy Any Harder!

, , , , | Working | January 23, 2023

In my job, I have to deal with invoices and the like. I like my work, and I really like the fact we can work from home. While I’m not supposed to, I sneakily do household stuff during work.

One day, I am called into a one-on-one Zoom call with my manager.

Manager: “About you working from home… your coworkers shared concern: you always look so tired. Is everything well? We saw that you process a lot of invoices in a day — way more than other people. How about you slow down? Take a break once in a while? Mind your health!”

Me: “Eh, sure, thanks.”

Life goes on, and I do my best to slow down. I also take more coffee breaks than I want or need. My “watch later” playlist is shrinking fast.

During my annual review:

Manager: “We noticed that you are slowing down, but you still are at the top of the list — all the time. Didn’t I tell you to slow down? You’ll hurt yourself if you keep on working like this! Slow down!”

It’s great that my manager has my back, but I don’t know how I can be even slower. So, not only do I take extra coffee breaks, but once in a while, I take a power nap. I do groceries during work time. (I live above a grocery store.) I prepare dinner during work time. I do write down how much I actually work, just so I can see if I work less.

Manager: “I see you finally slowed down. Well done! Take good care of yourself! You’re still doing more than everyone else, so if you want to take an extra coffee, feel free to do so.”

I have no idea how to become even slower. And if I am still doing more than most of my coworkers, then how slow are they?!

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