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I Can Do This All eDay

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My wife and I managed to both buy our daughter a new coat on the same day without each other knowing. I won an eBay auction and she picked one out on her lunch break.

We let our daughter choose and she picks the one my wife bought, so I Iist the other one for sale on a local selling group.

Despite it being new and half the recommended retail price, I get a LOT of time-wasters — people wanting it for next to nothing or to swap for things no one would rightly want.

Eventually, a woman contacts me, agrees on the asking price, and arranges a date for the following week.

The day before:

Woman: “Can we lower the price? I’m a little short on cash this week.”

Me: “Sorry, the price is firm; I explained that in the ad. I can hold it for you for another week, though.”

Woman: “Come on. I only agreed to the price to be nice. I can get it cheaper.”

Me: “Do it, then. The price is firm.”

She sends me a picture from eBay; it’s the same coat, but it’s not in such great condition and still has three days left.

Me: “And? My coat is new, and I guarantee that price will go up.”

She doesn’t respond for the rest of the week.

Woman: “Okay, I will have the coat, but at [slightly lower price].”

Me: “No, you won’t. The price is firm.”

Again, she goes quiet for two more days.

Woman: “Fine, I’ll have it, then. Not worth it, though.”

I do not respond.

Woman: “Hello? Answer me.”

Me: “Not for sale.”

She sent me half a dozen more messages before I blocked her. Fortunately for us, in the time she spent messing us around, the other coat fell apart at the seams. We got a full refund. Her squabbling and my refusing to lose £5 saved me around £40 in a new coat!

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