I Bring You Cutlery And Literally Nothing Else

, , | Right | January 11, 2019

(I am a waiter at a restaurant and bar in a slightly rough area of my town. We have a garden seating area where customers have to order at the bar then sit outside and wait for their food. The cutlery and condiments are all on a central table and they help themselves just to save us setting all the tables if they won’t be used, etc. I take one order out to a family and come back inside. After a minute or two, the dad of the family angrily walks back into the restaurant and confronts me:)

Customer: “You forgot to bring out our cutlery with our meal.”

Me: “Sorry for the confusion; the cutlery is outside on the table.”

(The bar sometimes forgets to mention this to the customers so I think nothing of it.)

Customer: “So, we have to get our own cutlery, even though we pay your wages.”

Me: “Yeah, sorry, that’s just our policy with the garden.”

Customer: “So, what do you actually do?”

(I tend to have a problem holding back when a customer starts arguing, especially when I know I have a valid point.)

Me: “Well, I take orders, cook food, serve meals and drinks, clear up, set tables — you know, normal waiter stuff.”

(He just looked disgusted and walked off, threatening to call the manager. Luckily that didn’t happen.)

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