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I Beliebe In The Devil

| Related | May 8, 2015

(My 10-year-old nephew is playing a shooter game that creates a level based on a song in your music collection. It’s a good way to introduce him to new music, so I’ve got him started on ‘The Oak Ridge Boys.’ He really wants to fight the devil that comes up every few songs to challenge you (last seen, fittingly, on an Alice Cooper song.)

Nephew: “When does the bad guy come out?”

Me: “It’s random. You just keep playing songs, and sometimes he’ll come out.”

Nephew: *shortly* “Oh, here’s the bad guy!”

Me: “Oh? Which song is it?”

Nephew: “Justin Bieber.”

Me: “…It would be Justin Bieber who summons up the devil from Hell.”

(Suddenly I realize that my music collection doesn’t include any Justin Bieber.)

Me: “Wait a minute. WHICH Justin Bieber song?”

Nephew: “I mean the Oak Ridge Boys.”

Me: “You can’t tell the difference between Justin Bieber and the Oak Ridge Boys?!”

Nephew: “I’m sorry! It was an accident!”

Me: “This is going on the Internet.”

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