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(I’m training a new teller. She’s doing so well that I put her in her own window to see how she does. I’m working in the next station. Everything has been going normally until I hear raised voices coming from my trainee’s station. She pops her head around the corner.)

Trainee: “HELP!”

Me: “What’s up?”

Trainee: “I’ve got a problem.”

(I step over to her station where an older man is scowling at her. I don’t recognize him.)

Me: “Hello, sir! What can I get you?”

Customer: “I want to take [large amount] out of my account!”

Me: “No problem. We just need to see your ID.”

Customer: “Don’t either of you know who I am?!”

Me: “Well, she is in training, and I’ve never helped you, so… I’m sorry, no.”

Customer: “I’m State Senator [Customer]! Now give me my money!”

(I recognize the name. I’d actually voted for him in the last election. I put on my brightest customer service smile.)

Me: “That’s great! But since you’re taking a very large amount out, I still need your ID.”

(The customer’s jaw drops.)

Customer: “MANAGER! NOW!”

Me: “No problem, sir. I’ll be right back.”

(The manager is out, so I grab the nearest banker.)

Banker: *sighs* “I heard it all. Yes, that’s definitely him. He hardly ever comes in, but expects everyone to know who he is. I’ll take care of it.”

(She comes up and explains to him that we ID everyone who’s taking a large amount out. He calms down, produces an ID, and my trainee is able to complete the transaction.)

Customer: *calmly* “Thank you, ladies. Have a great day!” *exits*

Trainee: “WOW.”

Me: “Well, I know who I’m not voting for ever again…”

(This was several years ago. Sadly, he’s still in the state senate. However, I haven’t voted for him since!)

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