“I Am Groot” Flavored Ice Cream

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(I am walking down the street in a moderately busy tourist town. A family — consisting of a mother, a father, two young children, and a toddler in the mother’s arms — steps out of a shop and notices an ice cream parlor on the other side of the street. They stand there looking at it, and I overhear this, all delivered in different tones as if a conversation were taking place.)

Mother: “Ice cream…”

Child #1: “Ice cream?”

Child #2: “Ice cream!”

Mother: “Ice cream.”

Toddler: “Ice cweam.”

(There is a pause during which none of them speaks.)

Child #1: “Ice cream.”

Mother: *pause* “Ice cream.”

Child #2: “Ice. Cream.”

Mother: “Ice cream.”

(I just kept walking.)

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