I Am Ageless

| Related | January 26, 2015

(Both my mum and I are very forgetful people. She is filling out her calendar when she gets to my birthday.)

Mum: “How old are you turning this year?”

Me: “Oh… ummm… How old am I now?”

Mum: “22?”

Me: “I have no idea. How old is [Older Sister]?”

Mum: “I think she’s turning 25.”

Me: “Then doesn’t that make me 24?”

Mum: “No, she’s 24.”

Me: “Then I’m 23.”

Mum: “That can’t be right.”

Me: “I’ll just text [Older Sister]. She’ll know.”

(I text my older sister.)

Me: “Okay, you were right. She says I’m turning 23. That means I’m 22.”

Mum: “Ah ha! I knew I was right!”

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