Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Dad

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My father retired from his job several years ago but still does odd jobs on the side for friends and friends-of-friends. Every couple of weeks or so, he cleans the parking lot at a deli in the next town over. One summer, he’s been having some shoulder pain and asks me to come along and help him to lighten the load. As we are driving, he tosses an empty cigarette pack out the window.

Me: “Dad, you shouldn’t litter.”

Dad: “Don’t worry about it. I’m keepin’ the guys who clean up the streets in business, right?”

After we’ve arrived and started cleaning the parking lot, he grumbles about there being more trash than usual and how the people are too lazy to throw their stuff away in the nearby garbage can.

Me: “Well, they’re keeping you in business, right?”

He just rolled his eyes at me. Unfortunately, he’s still something of a litterbug and refuses to see the flaw in his logic. Sorry, Mother Nature!

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