Hungry For A Decent Education

| USA | Learning | November 4, 2014

(I’m talking to a friend of mine, who started attending an Ivy League college about three weeks prior.)

Me: “So, how is school going? Are you liking it so far?”

Friend: “Yeah, it’s nice. I’m just really hungry.”

Me: “What, the dorm food isn’t good?”

Friend: “No, I’ve just been five times.”

Me: “In the three weeks you’ve been? What? Don’t you have a 20-meal plan?”

Friend: “Yes, but the semester is 16-weeks long. I only have 15 meals left this semester!”

Me: “You realize it’s 20 meals a week, not 20 meals a semester, right?”

Friend: “Oh, that explains why everyone else got to eat a lot more than me. And why the meal plan was so expensive.”

Me: “How on earth did you get into an Ivy League?!”

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