A Hundred Reasons For Holiday Cheer

, , , , , , | Hopeless | March 22, 2018

(It’s a few days after Christmas. I’m about to start nursing school after years of waiting to get in, and though I’m thrilled, it means I will be leaving my well-paying job which supports my family. My husband works but makes a lot less, so earlier on this day I have applied for food stamps to help us until he gets a better job. Neither of us want to rely on handouts but we have to eat. On top of it all, I’m pregnant with our second baby, due in a few months. I’m at the grocery store with our 17-month-old son that evening getting some essentials when a middle-aged lady comes up to us at the checkout.)

Lady: “I made myself a promise today that the first little boy in a red sweater I saw, I would give this to.”

(She presses something into my hand and I see it’s a hundred-dollar bill.)

Me: “Oh, I can’t—”

Lady: “Yes, you can. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

(I thanked her profusely but she left before I could tell her how much the money would help. So, if you’re out there, wonderful lady, you made a huge difference!)

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