Humanity Is Going Down The Tubes

| Friendly | February 21, 2014

(I am an American student studying abroad in London. I wake up late one morning and rush out the door without eating breakfast. As it’s rush hour, the train is jam-packed and I have to stand. On the way to class, I start to feel woozy and start swaying.)

Stranger #1: “Are you all right?”

Me: “I- I don’t know. I feel dizzy.”

Stranger #2: *gets up* “Oh God, love. Here, have my seat.”

Stranger #3: “Maybe low blood sugar. Here, I have some orange juice.”

Stranger #1: “Where are you heading?”

Me: “Gloucester Road.”

Stranger #1: “Okay. You’ve a few stops yet.”

(These strangers took care of me the rest of the ride and made sure I got off at the right stop. The common belief is that the English are a cold, aloof people, but I will never forget their kindness!)

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