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This is during the health crisis; everyone is wearing masks and staying six feet apart. The only ones that don’t have to wear masks are children under twelve. I have just left my register and am heading to break when I see this little girl who is maybe three or four years old. She motions for me to come over; I assume her mother asked her to keep an eye out for a worker. I am wearing a face shield instead of a mask due to breathing problems. It makes little kids and pets less scared when they can see my whole face.

Little Girl: “Hi!”

Me: “Well, hello there!” 

I smile at her. Before I can say anything else, she rushes forward and hugs me. I pat her on the head as I look around for her parents. Then, I hear her mother call to her. The girl says goodbye and runs over.

Mother: “I told you, you can’t go up to people! You have to stay six feet away from everyone, remember?”

Little Girl: “Yeah. But it was her, so it’s okay!”

Apparently, they’ve come through my line a few times, though I honestly don’t remember them. But it was so cute and innocent! Made my day.

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