Hulk Smash Conventions

| Romantic | March 14, 2013

(We are going through our storage room to donate some old clothes. My girlfriend has strained her back, leaving me to do the lifting.)
Girlfriend: “Thank you so much for your help.”
Me: “No problem. Just think of me as a helpful Hulk.”
Girlfriend: “No way! I do not want you getting angry and punching holes in the wall!”
Me: “Well, I’m more of a happy Hulk.”
Girlfriend: “And you’ll get so large you’ll destroy the doorways!”
Me: “I’m a mini Hulk!”
Girlfriend: “So… you’re a mini, happy, helpful, Hulk…”
(I flex my arms in front of me.)
Me: “Grrr!”
Girlfriend: *laughing* “I love you…”

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